Gail Krzyzczuk, Chief Financial Officer, CMFO

732-776-2999 ext 1014 - Email:

Patricia Martuscelli, Asst.Chief Financial Officer

732-776-2999 ext 1025 - Email:

The Finance Department is responsible for all financial operations of the Borough. Duties include but not limited to:

  • Invests all idle funds as per Cash Management Plan.
  • Prepares all necessary documents for Bonds and BANS.
  • Prepares Municipal Budget from start to final adoption.
  • Implements and oversees Municipal Budget once adopted.
  • Provides updates of Budget to department heads.
  • Provides budgetary assistance to department heads as needed.
  • Provides reports on Current, Beach and Sewer Funds to the Administrator.
  • Completes monthly, quarterly and annual payroll related reports.
  • Responsible for maintenance of finance office and all financial documents therein, in accordance with the State of New Jersey under the direction of the Municipal Auditor.
  • Provides assistance to the Administrator and/or Mayor and/or Council on various requests relating to the financial status of the Borough.
  • Prepares and implements Beach and Sewer Utility Budgets.


Municipal Budgets

Bradley Beach 2019 Municipal Budget Introduction

Bradley Beach 2018 Municipal Budget
Bradley Beach 2017 Municipal Budget
2017 User Friendly Budget 
Bradley Beach 2016 Municipal Budget
2016 User Friendly Budget
Bradley Beach 2016 Municipal Budget
2015 User Friendly Budget
Bradley Beach 2015 Municipal Budget
Bradley Beach 2014 Municipal Budget

Bradley Beach 2013 Municipal Budget
Bradley Beach 2012 Municipal Budget 
Bradley Beach 2011 Municipal Budget 
radley Beach 2010 Municipal Budget
Bradley Beach 2008 Municipal Budget

Municipal Audits

Bradley Beach 2017 Audit
Bradley Beach 2016 Audit
Bradley Beach 2015 Audit
Bradley Beach 2014 Audit

Bradley Beach 2013 Audit
radley Beach 2012 Audit

Bradley Beach 2011 Audit
Bradley Beach 2010 Audit  
Bradley Beach 2009 Audit

Annual Financial Statements

Bradley Beach 2017 Annual Financial Statement

Bradley Beach 2016 Annual Financial Statement
Bradley Beach 2010 Annual Financial Statement

Annual Debt Statements
BB 2016 Annual Debt Statement

BB 2017 Annual Debt Statement