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Borough Ordinances that have been recently approved can be viewed using the "Select Type of News to View" menu on this webpage to select the Ordinance category, which will display for if it contains any content to view.   
The General category will display general news & announcements from the borough.

10/27/20 Borough Administrator Report

Release Date: October 30, 2020


October 27, 2020




The Borough is applying for a grant from NJDOT for Main Street Streetscape Improvements in the amount of $1 million dollars and the Council is considering authorization this evening under Resolution 2020-251. There is no match required from the Borough on this grant. The scope of work is targeting four blocks from McCabe to Fourth Avenue on Mainstreet and coincides with the Walkable Community Workshop, which includes pavers, concrete curbs, ADA ramps, crosswalks, street furniture and lighting. Thanks to those community members and businesses that are assisting with the effort to write support letters.




The Borough is also applying for a grant from NJDEP for the Shade Tree Commission to complete the initial 5-year Community forestry Management Plan in the amount of $3,000 with a match from the Borough for $3,000 for a total of $6,000 and the Council is considering authorization this evening under Resolution 2020-254. This will assist the Borough and Commission in hiring a Tree Expert to write the Plan and establish and maintain healthy, safe, and sustainable community trees. This is the first step toward compliance with the Shade Tree and Community Forestry Act. Compliance with the Act affords our community increased liability protection.




This evening under Resolution 2020-255, the Council is considering awarding File Bank, Inc., a Records Management contract for a grand total of $8,591.03 for the Front office. This will allow the Borough to digitalize all of its records in this area and properly dispose of the paper documents, which will free up considerable space in Borough Hall and provide for a much more efficient way of locating documents when they are needed.










The General Election on November 3, 2020 is being conducted primarily by mail as per NJ law P.L. 2020, c. 72. The are four (4) ways for you to return your ballot:


  1. You can mail your ballot in the envelope provided. Mailed ballots must be postmarked by 8:00pm November 3rd.


  2. You can deliver your ballot in person to the Monmouth County Board of Elections Office at 300 Mills Road I Freehold by 8:00pm on November 3rd.


  3. You can place your completed ballot package in one of the secure Ballot Drop Boxes by 8:00pm on November 3rd.


  4. You can deliver your ballot in person on Election Day, November 3rd to your polling place, the Firehouse, by 8:00pm.


    If you have any questions, please contact the County Clerk’s Office or the County Board of Elections.