Now that the weather has been becoming nice, we have been hearing from residents about concerns regarding the lack of property maintenance especially where overgrown grass, hedges and weeds are concerned.
As a gentle reminder of our Chapter 239, it is the responsibility of residential/commercial owners, tenants or persons in possession of any land or property to maintain.   
Please also note that renters/tenants, whether they be short or long term for residential or commercial properties, are subject to borough ordinances for upkeep as well.   Your responsibilities should be discussed with the current landlord or designated representative and found in your lease agreement.  
Great opportunity for neighbors to help out neighbors who physically might need some assistance too!
If you are unsure as to what is required, please take a look at Chapter 239 ( for further information or call the Code Enforcement Department at 732 776-2999 ext 1016.
Thank you for your cooperation in assisting with the continued beautification of Bradley Beach.
David G. Brown II
Borough Administrator