Bradley Beach

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Borough Ordinances that have been recently approved can be viewed using the "Select Type of News to View" menu on this webpage to select the Ordinance category, which will display for if it contains any content to view.   
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Release Date: June 23, 2020




June 23, 2020



The Borough is seeing improved conditions around town, but to further the objectives of town beautification we will be looking to hire an additional part-time Code Enforcement Officer that will be focused on property maintenance and zoning enforcement. Unfortunately, zoning enforcement is very much needed in the Borough as well. The new part-time Code Enforcement officer will be a welcome addition to the Community Development team here at the Borough and the goal is not to give out a bunch of tickets with fines, but to educate the residents property and business owners of the Borough regulations.



Our Beach continues to operate very well with some complaints, and we are addressing them daily. We are averaging 5,600 beachgoers over the last two weekends and the weekdays we are seeing on average 2,800 beachgoers. At this time, our current local maximum beachgoers on the beach is a 10,000 capacity for social distancing purposes. Our beach capacity normally is 20,000. Subsequent to discussions with the Governing Body, OEM and Administration we have decided to move our maximum capacity on the beach from 10,000 to 11,000 and order an additional 1,000 Adult Seasonal Badges and place them on sale at a time to be determined in the near future as soon as we confirm the shipping information of the badges. Please look for more information on the Borough’s Website.



The Borough just recently closed out a 2016 grant for Sylvan Lake Park Improvements Phase 1, and we expect to receive $141,000 from Monmouth County Park System.