Bradley Beach

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Borough Ordinances that have been recently approved can be viewed using the "Select Type of News to View" menu on this webpage to select the Ordinance category, which will display for if it contains any content to view.   
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Release Date: June 10, 2020



June 9, 2020



On, May 28, 2020 twelve (12) properties were cited for tall grass and weeds. Six (6) properties complied and six (6) properties were issued summons. On June 3, 2020 thirteen (13) properties were cited for tall grass and weeds. Eleven (11) properties complied and two (2) properties were issued summons. Today, a property is being sited for a camper in the front yard. We will be focused on Apartment buildings over the next two weeks.



Our Beach has operated very well over the past two (2) weekends averaging about 7,000 beachgoers a day on Saturday and Sunday. Mask and social distancing although not 100% participation, but a fairly good percentage of compliance with the Borough’s recommendation. Bathrooms are open from 7am – 7pm daily and they are fully staffed with a DPW employee assigned to clean and an attendant to assist with social distancing and bathroom capacity. The Borough is looking into Bathroom Trailers to assist in relieving the anticipated long lines. 



Borough Hall will be reopening to the public on Monday, June 15, 2020. The building will undergo daily cleaning and disinfecting, which will follow the CDC guidelines and use of EPA-approved disinfectants. Employees we will wear a mask and maintain social distancing as we provide essential services while protecting ourselves and the public. 



The Borough will be going out for the second time to publicly bid for the Newark Concession on June 11, 2020 and responses are due by Wednesday, July 1, 2020 and the minimum bid is $15,000.00. 



The Borough has contracted Civic Plus, LLC for $3,500 for an annual fee to provide website hosting and design. The website will undergo an entire makeover, so it communicates with our residents, business owners, and the general public more effectively and efficiently.