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Release Date: May 20, 2020

Hello, this is a message from Mayor Gary Engelstad

As you know, this coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  We should never forget that the primary purpose of Memorial Day is to remember and honor the military men and women who died while serving for our country.

While this will be a very different Memorial Day weekend in Bradley Beach, there are some traditions that we will continue, with some understood adjustments.

While there will not be a traditional Ocean Avenue parade, we will be bringing a small parade to you.  At 10am on Saturday, a Bradley Beach Fire Truck will be escorting a convertible with our Grand Marshall Roy Christensen and his wife Cathy.  Roy is a true hero of Bradley Beach with over 46 years of service to our Fire Department and years of service to the borough.  He and his entire family have an unmatched record of volunteer service to the borough.  This “mini parade” will be coming up and down every two way east-west street in Bradley Beach starting on the south end.  We ask that you come out of your homes and give Roy the great big noisy thank you that he has earned.  

What we especially regretted cancelling is the traditional outdoor ceremony on Monday at Riley Park.  However, there will be a closed indoor ceremony that will be live streamed at 11am on Monday on our Bradley Beach Tourism Facebook page.  Additional Memorial Day recognitions will also be posted on the page following the 11am ceremony.  We also encourage you to visit Riley Park this weekend and say thank you to our fallen brethren from the military, our police and our fire department.

And finally, if you are on our boardwalk not just this weekend but throughout the summer, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask or facial covering.  We know you don’t have to but we hope that you want to.  Wearing of masks are making a difference in New Jersey and It will make a difference for you, for others and for our team of personnel on the beachfront.

Thank you.  Our best wishes to you and your family this Memorial Day Weekend.