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Release Date: April 30, 2020
A one day bulk pick up has been scheduled for Thursday, May 14th. No stickers are required. Please check the website for acceptable items.

Hello, this is Mayor Gary Engelstad with the second of two announcements that are going out this afternoon.

As you know, in an effort to ensure employee safety during the COVID-19 situation, our Public Works lot on the north end of Main Street has been closed.  We know this has prevented many of you from making drop offs.

Our first class Public Works team has agreed to provide the borough with a free bulk trash pick up on Thursday May 14th.  We ask for two things – one – that your bulk items be placed out no later than 5pm on the 13th and two – very importantly – they will under no circumstances pick up contractor debris.  Any home improvement related debris will be left at the curb and if still there the following day a violation will be issued.

DPW expects to pick up all items by Friday afternoon.

Here’s one suggestion – bulk trash pickups usually require purchased stickers.  Since this pickup will not require stickers, we’d ask that you consider making a donation to the Bradley Beach Food pantry instead.  Simply go to the website, click the donate button and help support this critical organization in our borough.

Thanks very much.